TRIAS geosteering

Geosteering of horizontal wells

Errors and uncertainty while horizontal drilling

Subsurface uncertainty

• Structural uncertainty (TVD)

• Seismic resolving power

• Uncertainty over the bedding angle

• Structural, local and micro - angles

• Interwell correlation error

• Lateral changes

• Sub-seismic low-amplitude faults

• Change facies and reservoir properties laterally

Geometric uncertainty

• Inclinometry error

• Path interpolation error

What is geosteering?

- A comprehensive tool for optimal hole making, which make possible to adjust drilling path in real time based on data of the interpreted wellbore position relative to the anticipated geological conditions.

Necessarily components of geosteering:


• Logging while drilling

• Specialized software for performing geosteering


• Geosteering engineers


• 24/7

• Interaction Scheme

• Reporting

Some aspects

• When drilling horizontal wells magnitude of errors and uncertainties comparable with the power of the target interval;

• Geometric drilling associated with a high risk of losing a part or all of the wellbore in the non-reservoir;

• Loss of productive horizontal length entails serious financial losses;

• Necessary to use logging while drilling and real-time geosteering of optimal hole drilling in the target interval.

Advantages of our company geosteering

• Geosteering service is organized on the standards of leading companies in the industry, but without reference to the telemetry and controlled directional drilling contractor;

• Qualified personnel - geosteering engineers with experience of more than 7 years;

• Real-time geosteering (24/ 7);

• Specialized software for geosteering